Sunday, October 10, 2010

Printemps does New York, New York

Last night, Printemps department store celebrated Fashion Week with a huge party honoring New York City.We all crammed into another taxi to arrive at the fete way up in its 19th century dome. Courtney Love sang and DJ Bunny mixed the dance music. I forgot how well Courtney Love moves up on stage. She played some good ol' rock and roll which seemed to go down well with the dancing, chic Parisians. Susan Tabak, the very social New York blogger, was there in some strappy number with her breasts perched up high. Susan had her camera crew in tow always ready for her photo op which made the French laugh. It was fun to let loose a bit before taking another taxi home. This ends Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011....Now, I can get some sleep!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"It's Not the End of the World"

Last night, in the midst of our mini heat wave, I stopped by the Planetarium to check out Olympia Le-Tan's latest collection of handbags and minaudieres, "It's Not the End of the World". The cocktail party was in full swing when I arrived. Zac Posen, Christopher Niquet, Lucien Pages, Gaspar Noe, Yaz Bukey, Martine Sitbon, and the rest of the creme de la creme of the fashion world. Olympia did not disappoint in her beautiful and embroidered purses which seem to be from another heavenly world.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yaz Bukey's INCOGNITO Collection

Woke up early (again) after another late night to spend some time with Yaz Bukey and her sister, Emel, to check out their latest INCOGNITO accessories collection. I always love to see what the sisters will pull out of their creative hat each season. This time there were Plexiglas renderings of thee Karl Lagerfeld plus Lady Gaga and a few lip motifs that are also on sale at the strip tease club, THE CRAZY HORSE.

Just say 'No"

See, I am not kidding about the ever flowing fountain of French champagne being thrown in front of our faces at every turn during Fashion Week. I have learned my lesson. Just say, 'No'.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off to the world of Sacai

After the Zac Posen show, a few of us weary eyed travelers got enough energy together to cross Rue St Honore and Place Vendome in our high high heels to catch the latest from Sacai. The Spring 2011 Collection was presented like a cinematic production design with the high volume ceiling, clothes as sculptures arranged in parallel lines, and looming white smoke for a bit of Hollywood ambiance. Chitose Abe is a master of creating illusions. What appears to be a cardigan loosely fitting over a lacy skirt is really a one piece ensemble. There were silk slips underneath pleated skirts and beautiful chunky knits a few paces a head of the next trend. The years spent working at Comme des Garcons and Junya Watanabe has proven to be a valuable asset in transforming what seems a classic piece into a twisted and tucked work of art.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sad Good bye to Sally Menke

During this frantic Fashion Week, I was told of the sad death of one of my favorite film editors, Sally Menke. While working as an assistant film editor for over 12 years in Los Angeles, I really looked up to the few women editors that seemed to fuse their creativity with the perfect director. I had the chance to work with Claire Simpson on SABRINA with Sydney Pollack over at Paramount. Claire had won an Oscar for her work as editor on PLATOON. I was the only female on a editing crew made up of brothers with the patriarch as the head editor, Fritz Steinkemp. Let's just say that it was challenging. When Claire came on board, I was relieved to have a female collaborator. I also worked with Dede Allen on Abel Ferarra's BODY SNATCHERS. Dede started as a East coast editor who started with Robert Wise and edited such 1970's masterpieces like BONNIE AND CLYDE and NEEDLE IN THE PARK. She used to tell me,' You gotta make the film dance, Liza. Make it dance' Sadly, Dede Allen left us this past June. The other editor I idolized was Sally Menke who edited all of Quentin Tarantino's films from RESERVOIR DOGS to the brilliant, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. I always thought anyone who could close themselves in a dark editing room for months with Quentin Tarantino must have superwoman powers. It is too sad to think what happened to Sally while hiking in record high heat on such an arid terrain near the Hollywood sign. RIP, Sally. We will all miss you......and your brilliant editing....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Early as a bird, Zac Posen

I know Zac Posen is really excited to be showing his Spring '11 Collection in Paris, but did he have to make the curtain call at 11am? I had to arrive at 9:30 am to pick up my invite which means 7:30am wake up call after a night of champagne and taxis. Thank God, Zac picked the Imperial Salon at the old Intercontinental Hotel aka YSL's old stomping grounds to reveal his collection. Dark and inspired from a boudoir salon, it was the perfect ambiance for my tired eyes. I suddenly woke up once the Grace Jone's beat started to vibe the walls down. The collection was a strange mix of sex, feathers and haute couture gowns ready to fit his downtown muses. I sat in the back and enjoyed the show especially the accessories by Yaz Bukey. Now the question is, will Zac continue to show in Paris or go back to NYC?
To be continued......