Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Five Easy Pieces

I loved Martine Sitbon's Fall 2009/10 collection for RUE DU MAIL. She effortlessly fused her edgy Martine Sitbon brand with the maturity of RUE DU MAIL. I picked out a few pieces to carry me through the MIC MAC promotion season and those dark, grey winter Parisian days that never seem end. I do not like having too many choices in my closet when I figure out what my winter look will be. I always pick only five pieces from each season to carry me fashion forward. These are strong pieces and not to be abused with bad makeup and hair. I take my fashion playfully with a dose of fantasy eg: rock-n-roll groupie, 1980's downtown goth, or a funky Mary Poppins. I did pair my Rue Du Mail pieces with some faux Isabel Marant boots made by SANDRO. Perfect for creating that mysterious edge...with some killer Chanel eyeliner. Oh, whatever you do, buy a pair of sturdy black leggings for this season (#5) . The perfect glue to spice up one's wardrobe!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dirty Socks and Art

After our share of drinking red Bordeaux wine, Jean Pierre and I took the Eurostar to London where Jp's film, MIC MACS was competing in the London International Film Festival.

I love the fact that London is only a hop, skip, and jump from Paris yet with its imposing architecture and natives that actually smile, it couldn't be more different from Paris.

We arrive a day early so that we could take advantage of checking out the Frieze Art Fair. I love roaming around the Frieze since it is like having a smorgasbord of the best art galleries worldwide all under the same roof. Every time I was attracted to an art piece, the gallery was based either in New York city or Los Angeles. Is that a coincidence or am I a byproduct of American culture that uses symbols and language that I am familiar with?
This time at Freize was different. I found the ambiance to be more pretentious and awkward. What do I know about art? Not the end of our Frieze Art Fair tour, I looked on the floor in one of the galleries and saw a pair of dirty socks. I asked myself, "Is this an installation piece or did someone get rid of their smelly socks? Now, that's A-R-T