Sunday, February 28, 2010

Food, Glorious, Food

We just woke up and walked for what seemed like miles in our jet lag haze to the breakfast cafe on the beach ( it was only a 5 minute walk) The menu selection was full of healthy choices plus an amazing platter of fresh bread and pastries made by the night time pastry chef. One could order a Maldivian breakfast complete with curry and vegetables served with roshi and coconut sambal. Or try the miso soup with tofu, poached egg, and seaweed. I tasted the egg white frittata with oyster mushrooms and arugula. And I will not even write about the fruit table ( with fruit that actually tasted like fruit!)

After we left out breakfast table, Lyndsey asked me 'what's for lunch?

Suitcase essentials for a Maldives Getaway

Being in paradise means that one can get away with minimal make up. I try to bring just the bare essentials when it comes to packing. Make-up wise, I always bring one new lip color and that is it. Since my skin will be naturally glowing from the sun, I find that all I need is a lip color that is fresh and a wee bit dramatic. After doing my research in grey Paris, my favorite colors were either Lady Danger by MAC or Heatwave by Nars, a semi matte orange red lipstick also seen on the Spring 2010 Prada runway. I also brought a lip balm by MAC in sheer orange. And if I can find one, I bring the newest Eres bikini which this year happens to be in a gummy bear orange. I also went over to the Missoni to try on their bikinis but was too ashamed to show the results to the sales woman. I am a real woman with real curves so putting on a piece of tissue the size of a cocktail napkin over my behind did not empower my femininity. I always bring an Isabel Marant dress. I was in their store when the new spring dresses arrived and I bought two right on the spot. They are easy to wear and pack. Another basic piece is my sturdy straw hat and a colorful sarong that I can tie up a la Lanvin asymmetrical couture and I am ready for sunset cocktails. Got to go, the sun is just about to set....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sun Deck Heaven

The back side of our Dhondi Loft Suite was perfect for ordered in lunches and sunbathing.

Dhondi Loft Suite, Cocoa Resort

Unfortunately, we will only spend two nights in this beautiful, all exotic wood house on the water. After that, they will move us to one of their older water bungalows. Boo hoo. Everything is open and inviting to the gentle warm breezes. Thank God, my traveling partner in crime does not like air conditioning. I was told that due to the Japanese clientele, all bungalows have a/c. I cannot imagine not wanting to feel the humidity and warmth of the Maldives on my skin. I mean, why travel for 18 hours in a tin box plane if you close yourself up a chilled suite? Lyndsey and I slept last night with all the windows and glass doors open. It was heavenly to fall asleep to the sound of the waves lapping against our Dhondi Loft Suite.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dolphins and tears...

When we finally sat in our boat taxi charging the way to our Cocoa Resort, we spotted a few pods of Dolphins. There must of been at least 40 of them frolicking about with the youngsters doing flips for us high into the sky. I looked over at Lyndsey and she had tears in her eyes. The bitches have arrived......

Condor Flight from Hell

Traveling with a plane full of Germans in Premier Economy class was enough to put me over the edge. This is White Bitch Hell.In a perfect world, I usually have the luxury to fly business class. One can sleep, eat well, and drink French wine. But hey, I took a step down the seating arrangement to be seated next to my friend, Lyndsey, during the flight. Quel suffrance! The plane was an old relic from the Thomas Cooke Traveler fleet. Lyndsey and I were the only English speaking tourists on the plane. The rest of the cabin was filled up with overweight, swine flu coughing, smelly feet, and rude Germans that just stared at Lyndsey and I throughout the 12 ordeal. As we sat in our assigned seats, the zealous pilot started to announce that the computer would not 'boot up' so we would have to wait' ten minutes' for another computer. We waited two hours on the runway. Lyndsey started to worry that perhaps it was not the safest thing to assume that a new computer would work after a ten minute installation. While sipping my vulgar Psalft wine I repsonded, 'Well, I guess we will find out soon enough, drink up ' I started to think about it. Computer does not work...OK, please tell us what computer was not working and what would that mean for our flight across the Indian sea? Finally, the happy pilot came on the loud speaker announcing that the new computer is working so off we will go... This all made us a bit nervous. Lyndsey was ready to walk out. But lo and behold, the plane took off. The flight attendant came by with a delicious vegetarian meals but the down point was the wine. German wine! I drank two of the bottles just in case we went down I would not feel the pain. Quel suffrance!

White Bitch Tour Begins....

After several failed attempts to take a dream vacation with my man, I end up going to the Maldive Islands with a girlfriend. Since the travel agency would not refund our money back, I told my husband that I would not let a good chunk of change go to waste. Plus I cannot take one more day of suicide weather in Paris...Low, wet and grey skies with no end in sight. Most of Paris has left for the mountains. Moi, give me a beach with crystal azure water with the most healthy coral reefs in the world. Not a hard choice to make for me. So, off we fly to Frankfort to catch our transfer to the Maldives.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

British Film Institute screens MICMACS

Final leg in London...Our last night is spent at the BFI where they are screening MICMACS with a Q&A after the film.

More driving, more signing, more speaking

How does he do it? More traveling about London. The British Film Institute is screening MICMAC tonight with JP giving a Q&A afterwards.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are back in London to attend the BAFTA Nominee Cocktail Party. I love going to the English parties just to watch what the women are wearing..They kind of mix and match a la Posh Spice meets Dynasty clan. I took out my camera to take photos of these beauties when a man politely asked me to put my camera away. That is when I saw PRECIOUS director, Lee Daniels walking our way. We spoke for a good 15 minutes. JP was director of the DEAUVILLE FILM FESTIVAL when we first saw PRECIOUS. I was blown away by his film but also a bit pissed off with some of the frame per frame rip off LEE borrowed from JP. All was forgiven when we spoke to Lee. He is the sweetest and most talented man. So go ahead, take what you want, Lee. It is OK with me.....PRECIOUS is my vote for BEST FILM for the OCSCARS!

Q&A Glasgow Film Festival

I do not know how Jean Pierre does it...interview after interview and the only thing that is a saving grace is the charm of Morris O'Brien of BBC News. A fellow Irishman from Tipperary...not too far where the Sullivan clan comes from in South West Ireland. We introduce Jean Pierre's film, then dine in a nice restaurant only to come back half way through our dinner to be present for the questions during the Q&A. Next morning, Jean Pierre has another two hours of interviews. I take off to see a bit of downtown which is a bit eerie in the fog...