Friday, October 1, 2010

Early as a bird, Zac Posen

I know Zac Posen is really excited to be showing his Spring '11 Collection in Paris, but did he have to make the curtain call at 11am? I had to arrive at 9:30 am to pick up my invite which means 7:30am wake up call after a night of champagne and taxis. Thank God, Zac picked the Imperial Salon at the old Intercontinental Hotel aka YSL's old stomping grounds to reveal his collection. Dark and inspired from a boudoir salon, it was the perfect ambiance for my tired eyes. I suddenly woke up once the Grace Jone's beat started to vibe the walls down. The collection was a strange mix of sex, feathers and haute couture gowns ready to fit his downtown muses. I sat in the back and enjoyed the show especially the accessories by Yaz Bukey. Now the question is, will Zac continue to show in Paris or go back to NYC?
To be continued......

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