Thursday, September 30, 2010

Post Party, Post Floating, Post Cavalli

After the fashion show, we went back out into the courtyard to congratulate Martine Sitbon and her hard working crew. WE always have a great time with the RUE DU MAIL usual suspects. Now, it was time to go to the Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary dinner but I passed on that one. It was time to get back in the taxi and go to bed. So boring, I know. But what's a girl to do?

Martine Sitbon's Color Burst

I ended up bringing several girlfriend fashionistas to the RUE DU MAIL fashion show. Fueled by a couple glasses of champagne, we all crammed into the back seat of the my reserved taxi. Ami Sioux, the fashion photographer, being already 6ft now was 6.4 in her size 11 high heel shoes. We arrived on time at RUE Du MAIL but decided to stop by the cafe right next door since fashion shows are notoriously late. In the cafe, I bumped into David Mallet, the famed hair stylist who took pictures of my hair. He loved how his colleague, Barbara, had crimped my hair previously that day. Now, ready to join the show we walked into the court yard and what do we see, more glasses of champagne pushed in front of our faces. Oh, Oh... The show started with an explosion of color with dresses that floated down the runway. I started to take photos of the models but decided to put away the camera and just take it all in....or maybe that was the champagne having its way with me. Sometimes floating is all we need to make it through the day...or night!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going back to Lady like.....

For this Autumn, I felt like splurging on a new look in the bag department. I have not bought a new bag for a couple years so when I saw a photo of the actress, January Jones, with the new Yves Saint Laurent CHYC bag on her shoulder, it was love at first sight. I bought the black patent leather version to give the bag a kinky Betty Page feeling to it. The only feature that I do not like about the bag is that it has one of those bloody magnets on the clasp. This tends to erase all my metro tickets and credit cards. Can someone please tell the bag Gods to stop designing bags with magnets????

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tonight, blow your head off....

Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with fashion nor art...but when I come to think of it, cooking is like fine art in my eyes. And I have been looking towards India this past week. I have been cooking up a storm with the great help of Last night, I cooked my own Paneer cheese to go along with my Bhindi Masala ( Spicy Okra), Toor Dal and Basmeti rice with cilantro. I usually cut in half the amount of chopped red pepper but it still burns my mouth. I love being transported into Manjula's kitchen. Each night I try a different recipe as long I have all the ingredients and spices. Southern India food is very vegetarian friendly but very spicy which does not bother me. Nothing a cold beer cannot fix. "Nobody told me"
Bon Appetite!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Edward Hopper in Lausanne

We took the train to Lausanne, Switzerland for the weekend to see the Edward Hopper Exposition at the L'Hermitage Museum. There is something so strong that resonates in his paintings that leaves one very emotional. Maybe it has to do with his interpretation of the human condition which basks in solitude. It was hard not to have tears in my eyes while I gazed at Hopper's masterpieces.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Fall Collection 2010

Maybe I am getting old. I think I have seen enough trends go in and out of style to lose interest in the next big thing. I find it harder each season to get excited about what the fashion world is spilling out into the boutiques these days. So, what is a girl to do?
Go back to basics....go back to the land of easy and simple. Kind of like finding an old friend on Facebook. Or maybe NOT.
I went back to order a few pieces from Martine Sitbon's RUE DU MAIL Pre-collection at very affordable prices. All pieces were in black ( a Parisian classic) or in powder rose/beige. Draped and structured is the way to go this fall. Mix it up. I also indulged in the leather craze this season by buying a smooth as butter black leather mini skirt to give my classic pieces a bit of rock-n-roll feel. Add one pair of Isabel Marant's sexy retro black suede heels and this 'old' fashionista is ready to rock.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

R.I.P Corinne Day

Corrine Day, the fashion photographer that 'discovered' Kate Moss died Friday due to a brain tumor. I really was inspired by her raw and haunting photographs of the 1990's. so sad to lose her so soon.....