Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still Hanging at CASA CAMBI

We just spent one night at the b&B but since it was far into the mountains we decided just to hang out and take a few long walks. They served a delicious home made dinner at night with pasta and fish. Just a little bit of heaven!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Onward Soldiers!

Once we hit San Remo, the GPS told us to go north up towards the Italian alps. Our goal was to find Montevecchio. A small 15th century town that is still 'in it juice'. Like a medieval town, one cannot see it from the exterior since it is hidden behind it's own fortress. There was no way we could even drive our 4x4 vehicle through its narrow streets. So we called the Casa Cambi number and common to many European establishments, it was closed till 3:30. We went back to our car and lo and behold was an elegant woman asking for us by name. She was the owner of the B&B and wanted to escort our baggage to our rooms. We finally made it to the Casa Cambi. Instantly, we were under it's charming spell. I felt like I was being transported back to a time pre computers, pre mobile phones , and pre everything. Think old men hanging out in vacant storefronts playing their cards and drinking wine. Think small children playing together in the town square park where the parents looked on from the local cafe. I find the Italians so friendly compared to the French. Jp and I hung out by the back garden while unpacking our bags and letting the dog sniff the new surroundings. Pure heaven, indeed!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A weekend in Italy

I cannot think of a better way to spend a birthday weekend other than eating pasta, drinking Italian wine while wandering the beautiful Italian alps with my man. Luckily for me, my husband was a willing participant in my weekend folly. The only problem is that after the Italian border via car, one is assaulted with a narrow two lane highway peppered with tons of tunnels and a plethora of angry/crazy/blind/high Italian truck drivers. As we consulted our GPS, for some strange reason , my husband and I start to get tired and bicker in the car. As we finally entered the medieval village that hosted our b&B Casa Cambi I started to get nervous when I noticed how ugly the buildings were leading up to our romantic town....I started to doubt the wonderful and romantic photos I saw on the B&B's web site. Maybe it is all a scam...We are in Italy for god sake's.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Harrison and I

Back in 1995 around 9am, I was working at Paramount Studios on a Sydney Pollack film entitled, SABRINA. I loved my job as an assistant film editor and took it very seriously. I was in the editing room setting up the avid for the editor Fritz Steinkemp, when I heard a noise outside on the fire exit ladder. I opened the window and who do I see but Raider of the Lost Arch himself, Harrison Ford. He crawled in the window and asked me if Sydney had arrived yet. . Later that day, Sydney invited me to have a take out lunch in the editing room with Harrison Ford. Harrison took one look at my pet rabbit and asked me for some mustard! ( it was Saturday and I would bring my pet rabbit, Genet aka Bubba to work)

We talked about Melanie Griffith being with the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. Harrison said that Antonio became one of the Baldwin brothers when he married Melanie..

Harrison made me laugh. I really remember him and Sydney being 'bon vivants'. They liked to eat and drink French wine, enjoyed the company of women, and loved flying their planes through the night to Paris.

Recently, when I had dinner at the Deauville Film Festival with Harrison Ford, I shook his hand and asked him if he remembered our lunch together...At this point, he was a bit buzzed by the champagne and red wine and we talked tenderly about Sydney and out memories of SABRINA. Harrison still looked hot even though he was heavily watched by his girlfriend, actress Calista Flockhark. There is something about Harrison that is tender and funny. He is one of the cool ones.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Date with Harrison Ford

Last night was the Hommage a Harrison Ford night. The jury and collective partners all met for a cocktail with the actor and his actress squeeze Calista Flockhart. During the hommage there was a 8 minute montage of collective film extracts starring Harrison. He was summoned to the stage and....he started to cry. It was one of the most touching moments of a man who witnessed his cinematic life highlights in a mere eight minutes. Harrison was able to whisper 'merci' and then his eyes teared up again! Strange but so touching to see this very masculine and beautiful actor overwhelmed with emotion. Later, only Jean Pierre and I, plus a few selective members of the festival had dinner with Harrison and his Calista. During dinner he told me that he felt so fortunate to have worked with so many talented people during his forty years of being a actor. It must of also felt a bit like an obituary seeing a resume of all his films.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Deauville Film Menu

Oh, I almost forgot. We are in Deauville to watch as many American films as possible. This is Jp's job since he is the Jury president. What a chance to watch up to three films per day plus stuff as many fresh oysters in my mouth all while sipping cold champagne.

I know you are probably feeling for me right now..poor baby...but it is hard feat.. staying up past 1:30 am most nights, no yoga, no daily walks with my dog. My poor ass will get beaten when I get back Parisian yoga routine. But, hey, that's life. One must just enjoy it while one can.

We were all sent to the loony bin today after viewing the film PRECIOUS by Lee Daniels. This first film won The Sundance Film Festival's Grand Prize and is a bomb wrapped with a bow. I highly recommend that you catch it when you can.

We also loved WORLDS BEST DAD starring Robin Williams. And a fun light film entitled, YOUTH IN REVOLT by Miguel Areta

I was also blown away by another first film called SIN NOMBRE. I usually do not like violent films but I could not walk away from this one. Maybe get the DVD so you can fast forward those sections though they are important to feel the character's reality.

Last night we saw Rebecca Miller's THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE. I loved her film and the highly talented Robin Wright Penn did not disappoint. Rebecca seems to know the various chapters in a woman's life and is not afraid to show the humor and the solitude.

We are off to see another film.....

P.S. Peter Pilati dress and Stella Mc Cartney shoes

Hommage a Robin Wright Penn

I have always felt that Robin Wright Penn is one of our most talented actresses around. Tonight we are invited to see her new film by Rebecca Miller entitled, THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE.

Rebecca Miller's body of work has always intrigued my senses since it often reflects strong yet slightly lost women sharing the same generation as myself. She also happens to be married to the another gifted artist, Daniel Day Lewis. After the red carpet and film, Jean Pierre and I are invited to dine with both women at the Mayor of Deauville's house.
The last time Jean Pierre and I were invited to dine at the mayor's house it was a dinner honoring the director Sidney Pollack...Sadly, Sidney is no longer with us. I truly remember that night with a heavy heart.
Time to go....I am in RUE DU MAIL by Martine Sitbon and Chanel heels.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

En Route for Deauville

I am running out the door as I am writing this. My Deauville Festival car is waiting for me downstairs ready to sweep my away from these Parisian streets onto the red carpet of Deauville.

Have my selection of shoes and dresses in order...Packing way too much but one must be prepared for the terrain.
See you there!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deauville Festival Time!

I am still in Paris in an apartment full of dresses and high heels....trying to figure out what exactly I want to bring to the Deauville Film Festival where my husband is presiding over the film jury.
I went over to my friend's atelier on Rue du Mail. Martine Sitbon has been my favorite designer since she created my wedding dress back in 2001. It was an empire dress with silk and tulle decorated with antique sepia jewels embroidered around the collar. The problem with borrowing clothes from designers is that one must be a models size 2 or 6. Now, this really sucks for me since for some reason ( damn that cotes du Rhone) my breasts have gone up a tiny half size. Well, this slight mark up has banished me from wearing some of the most fashion forward dresses of her selection. I still manage to walk out the door with a stunning charcoal wool bustier dress with an shimmery metal effect and a peachy nude over- the- knee number with white cotton detail on the front neckline.
Yesterday, I was over at Rue Cambon where Chanel had a handful of dresses for me. I asked them to pick from their Pre or Cruise Collections since the collection always tend to be easier to wear.
One never gets the best choice at Chanel if one is not a star...So I knew I was pushing my luck there since Jp directed their last commercial. No chance. Plus, my breasts seem to be the problem, again! The lovely Chanel soldier said, 'Karl, does not like breasts' Oh, please what's a a real woman to do???
Then by late this morning, while trying to decided which dresses to take , I let the Internet help me with my choice. Wrong. Kind of scary, n'est pas? Maybe it will be better when I arrive?