Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carine is back!

After being lost in London for a good hour looking for Dover Street Market, I finally found what I was looking for....

As I walked the stairs into Rose's Bakery, I saw the back side of a very elegant woman. I said to myself, 'Damn, those Londoners are chic'. But as the woman turned around, I realized it was Uber French Stylist and ex Vogue Editor, Carine Roitfeld. I decided to buy her book, IRREVERENT which is like a scrape book filled with personal and professional photos from her career in the fashion world. Ms Roitfeld was so generous and warm with every fan waiting to have their booked signed by her, moi included. And no, she did not remember meeting me at Fred Segal's cafe in Los Angeles in 2006. And did she remember introducing Sofia Coppola to my husband at Karl Lagerfeld's party for Baz Luhrman's Chanel 5 commercial?  No, Ms Roitfeld could not recollect that either....Moi, je n'ai pas jamais oublie!


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