Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love that Savigny-Les-Beaune

Wanted: a full, easy drinking, Burgundy with character.....sounds like I am looking for a French young lover...well, kind of...True, I will be intimate with this wine. There will be occasions where I am sans my man, or any friend for that matter, overlooking a sunset in Provence and I will want to have a glass of a robust, earthy wine to accompany my fresh pasta with porcini mushrooms. At this point in my life, I want the good stuff. Period.  Not to say that one cannot find an enjoyable, pleasant wine for 6 euros. But, today we are in  Savigny-Les-Beaune and I want the good stuff.  So I take a gamble and follow the advise of the Innkeeper.  I find myself at Simon BIZE et FILS.. We  are shown the wine cave and it is like a museum, bottle after bottle of Savigny-les-Beaune labeled by year after year.  I loved meeting the Japanese wife of Patrick BIZE.  While tasting and spitting out this red fountain of youth, we talked about our experiences as expatriates married to French men.  Madame Bize lived in Tokyo and was a finance advisor until she met her future husband who suggested she come to Burgundy for the vendage wine picking period.  Well, Madame Bize fell in love and never looked back.  Good time to be out of the finance world, I suppose! When I arrived home in the south, I opened my COTE D'OR  by Clive Coates M.W. book on Burgundy wine. Discussing the Simon BIZE et FILS wine Coates  said, 'Patrick Bize is one of Burgundy's most sensitive and perfectionist wine-makers. This is in my view clearly Savigny's best domain' Well, that being said, goodnight and happy drinking!

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