Thursday, September 30, 2010

Martine Sitbon's Color Burst

I ended up bringing several girlfriend fashionistas to the RUE DU MAIL fashion show. Fueled by a couple glasses of champagne, we all crammed into the back seat of the my reserved taxi. Ami Sioux, the fashion photographer, being already 6ft now was 6.4 in her size 11 high heel shoes. We arrived on time at RUE Du MAIL but decided to stop by the cafe right next door since fashion shows are notoriously late. In the cafe, I bumped into David Mallet, the famed hair stylist who took pictures of my hair. He loved how his colleague, Barbara, had crimped my hair previously that day. Now, ready to join the show we walked into the court yard and what do we see, more glasses of champagne pushed in front of our faces. Oh, Oh... The show started with an explosion of color with dresses that floated down the runway. I started to take photos of the models but decided to put away the camera and just take it all in....or maybe that was the champagne having its way with me. Sometimes floating is all we need to make it through the day...or night!

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