Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Fall Collection 2010

Maybe I am getting old. I think I have seen enough trends go in and out of style to lose interest in the next big thing. I find it harder each season to get excited about what the fashion world is spilling out into the boutiques these days. So, what is a girl to do?
Go back to basics....go back to the land of easy and simple. Kind of like finding an old friend on Facebook. Or maybe NOT.
I went back to order a few pieces from Martine Sitbon's RUE DU MAIL Pre-collection at very affordable prices. All pieces were in black ( a Parisian classic) or in powder rose/beige. Draped and structured is the way to go this fall. Mix it up. I also indulged in the leather craze this season by buying a smooth as butter black leather mini skirt to give my classic pieces a bit of rock-n-roll feel. Add one pair of Isabel Marant's sexy retro black suede heels and this 'old' fashionista is ready to rock.

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