Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cocktail for Adam Kimmel's Menswear

It was a bitch to push my way though the mass of young bodies blocking the entrance of the Yvon Lambert Gallery presenting the latest collection from menswear guru, Adam Kimmel. Waving my arms, I cried, 'Help' in the direction of Adam's Communication Director, Lucien Pages. Suddenly, it was like the opening of the Red Sea and I was briskly pushed forward into the warm interior. Inside, the ambiance was more civilized with good looking men serving champagne to the chic crowd. Look book photos graced the walls as a 6 minute short directed by Adam and his actress wife, Leelee Sobieski played in another room. When the film ended a live action defile took place with a backdrop of the wild North Pacific. I always look forward to Adam Kimmel's twisted interpretation of the American classics.

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