Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"I am Woman, hear me roar"

I have heard much educated gossip about Daphne Guinness: Irish blue blood lassie, grand daughter of one of the Mitford sisters, pill popping uber fashion victim, loyal friend to Isabelle Blow, not-so-secret paramour to BHL. But no matter how many of my fashion friends dissed Mademoiselle Daphne, I became more and more fascinated by this strange and very unconventional woman. The other day, I read something that Daphne Guinness said while referring to her marriage to the Greek Shipping Heir, Spyros Niarchos. During her marriage, she was asked by her in-laws to remain 'small', petite, to disappear into her husband's shadow. Daphne went on to bear three sons to the Niarchos dynasty before finally divorcing Niarchos in 1999. Maybe this smallness explains why Daphne Guinness has exploded upon the fashion and social scene in such a big bang. There is nothing petite about her now. Whether one likes her theatrical style or not, Daphne Guinness is definitely here to stay.

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