Monday, January 24, 2011

Nastassja Kinski turns the big 5-0

Today, Nastassja Kinski turns the big 5-0. Wow, that went fast.

I remember seeing TESS for the first time with my sister in New York City, circa 1979. I had never seen such a feline face structured so delicately around lips made of heaven. Nastassja's beauty destabilized my conception of 'pretty'. Especially in San Mateo, CA. Her European natural allure was something that I had never witnessed before. And to see it on a 35 foot screen for 2.5 hours had such an impact on the 16 year old that I was at the time.

Fast forward to 2002, I finally meet Nastassja at the AMELIE screening. I told her how my friend, Lisa Pignati and I would take the train into San Francisco wearing clogs and Peruvian wool sweaters wearing Bonnie Bell lip Smackers hoping that we would be discovered as the next Nastassja Kinski. ( well, we were two dreamy 16 year olds)

Last week, we watched TESS on the big screen with all our neighbors. It still remains one of my favorite films even though it's most tragic end. Poor Tess d' Turberville.

P.S. I am still waiting for Natassja to write her biography........

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