Thursday, March 12, 2009

Night at LE BARON featuring Yaz BUKEY

Last night, Yaz Bukely gave one of her soirees at LE BARON night club.  All the usual suspects were there  till 1 am then that's when the bridge and tunnel people start trickling in...This is usually the cue to make a fast exit. Yaz did  a hot little number on a covered piano that displayed her flesh in a most sensual way . That Dita chick better watch out! The only thing that really put a hamper on my night was the  music..or lack of it.  The DJ was spinning all this soft  crap from 2003....It made me feel like I was in a  Sophia Coppola film loop...I wanted to kill the DJ.  Did not even dance once!! At one point I screamed, "Give us some AC/DC!!!!'  Much to my disdain, we kept on hearing fuzz. As I pushed my way out of the club, who did I bump into but Malcolm MacLaren!  I told him about my 1980s memories of seeing him in NYC and in LA..He told me that he spent four years being a consultant for Steven Speilberg around the EMPIRE OF THE SUN era... Malcolm MacLaren was like a god to me when I was young...Ah, yes those were the years...Sex Pistols, Bow Wow Wow...What happened to all the good music?

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  1. i like the drawing very much it reminds me of fashion drawings from the eighties when i was in art school. by the way i was listening to kcrw this morning on my way to fed ex stuff and the new music sounds like people with mouth odor that can't get out of bed, two words, bloody horrible. also it seems like beck spawned a whole new level of style consisting of dumpy people with dirty hair. have any of you been around echo park lately? i think you will see what i mean.