Monday, March 23, 2009


Oops, I did it again!! I will miss another PJ HARVEY concert!! The three May concerts that she will give here in Paris are already sold out.  What  a drag....PJ is my favorite artist and I say that with a capital, "A".  The first time I saw PJ Harvey, I was invited to the  Hollywood Palladium  to go to a Bob Dylan concert by another guy named , Garcia.  As we were waiting for the first set to appear, out jumps PJ is a silver shimmering mini skirt wearing the highest platforms ever made...singing her heart out.  'WHO the hell is that?" I asked Garcia.  I was riveted by her presence, in love with her steamy voice...I had never seen anyone like her...Then I felt bad for Bob Dylan. How in the world was he going to top PJ's set?  Well, Bob and his band came on stage and it was one of the best concerts of my life..Boy, do I miss the Hollywood venues..I could of had a piece of PJ in Paris, but I blew it...too late...Does anyone have a PJ HARVEY ticket out there??


  1. thank you soo much.
    yes that's what i thought i would wear it with boots.