Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ok. I did something totally insane yesterday.  I bought a pair of ultra slim stone wash jeans!!!! Back in the late 80's in Los Angeles, my friend Regina and I would make fun of the  '818' ers..... These were people who had the '818' area code aka people living in the valley. And to make matters worse, the 818ers wore their stone wash jeans with open toe Birkenstocks  paired with white sport socks!!! Just the  thought of it still makes me feel nausous. So why Stone Wash in Paris 2009??? Maybe Balmain has something to do with it...I do not know. My man calls them my' Lituania hooker jeans'. Makes me feel sexy and tacky at the same time.  Is that ok to say???


  1. ok, much to my horror and delight i was offered a pair of stone wash fake distressed skinny jeans that retail for 250. as part payment for a project i am doing downtown in a fashion building. i would never have worn them in the eighties, too bon jovi, 818, pager wearing mullet people. i have also been seeing fake paint splatterd jeans, well i have the real thing, jeans i create paintings in and suffer in as well. i will be offering my used pairs on ebay as i continue to lose weight on the cookie diet. i'll keep you posted

  2. can't wait to see you wearing those jeans.
    oh, i love those photos taken during fashion show.

  3. stonewash is soooo goood right now! rock em!