Monday, March 2, 2009

Ode to Stephen Sprouse

I lived on Bond Street NYC during the 1984-5... We were young and naive and had big hopes to be discovered like thousands of kids with big dreams. The 80's were rolling hot until AIDS came crashing in the picture. But what a neighborhood we lived in! Malcolm McLaren lived down the street with Lauren Hutton. Mary Boone lived in the apartment below us( she screamed when we made too much noise) and Robert Mapplethorpe's studio was not far. The first time I went to the AREA night club, Andy Warhol was taking polaroids in the bathroom. I found Matt Dillon's wallet on the floor and mailed it back to him cash intacted!! My friends and I cut our own hair and paid for our coffee with subway tokens when cash flow was dry. We were broke most of the time holding down odd jobs( Showroom bra model and Limelight coat girl to name a few) but life was good. It was the 80's and everyone was in a good mood. We dressed more goth than 80's shoulder padded suits buy hey, we were 20 years old. During this time an artist/ stylist Stephen Sprouse made his claim to fame with fluo bright colors while Fiorucci was the place to buy your jeans. So that is why I am a bit nostalgic when it comes to Louis Vuitton's selection of Stephen Sprouse's graffiti collection of wallets and purses. Yesterday , I bought the mini clutch of the SS collection with huge pink and orange flowers. Just what the doctor ordered to get rid of these grey skies in Paris.

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