Sunday, March 1, 2009

Waris Cocktail chez Colette

Last night, I went to the cocktail party for Waris' latest jewelry collection at Colette Concept store in Paris. I love these kind of gatherings...not too big, surrounded by eccentric misfits, beautiful clothes, and unlimited champagne!!!. Most of my posse was there, jewelery/accessory designer Yaz Bukely and photographer Ami Sioux along with Lucien Pages who organized the event.

At Colette's, I was able to drool over the new collection of Peter Pilotto. Lots of short dresses with futuristic colorful prints. Like thousands of vitual shoppers, I saw a photo of Rosie Huntington-Whitely in a Peter Pilotto dress at the Burberry Cocktail.  British Harper's Bazaar called the Rosie the ' Next Kate Moss." True, the Pilotto dress looks  stunning on her due to her youth, beauty, and damm those legs! But , hey, why not moi?  I do have nice legs ......I start to scope the store and wonder how many Pilotto dresses are still in stock? Thank god one of the salesman is my friend's boyfriend.  I ask him about the Pilotto dress and he instructs me to stop by tomorrow. I need a dress for the Chanel 5 perfume launch party and I do not feel comfortable wearing CHANEL. Since I am not a star, they tend to loan  me dresses that make me feel like a wedding cake. Just not for me, sorry Karl. Vivre la difference!

 I  was surprised to see an invasion of Americans roaming around the cocktail.  Recession, what recession???My fav director, Wes Anderson was mingling with NYC  artist liz Goldwyn.  I wanted to introduce myself to Wes but I was too shy to actually speak with him. Especially after a couple glasses of bubbly, uh, not  recommended!! 

I will always remember going to see his, La Vie Aquatic "in a huge movie theater on the Champs d' Elysees. I spent the next two hours laughing/crying  so hard watching Bill Murray's character seize an island of hostages in flip flops!

Waris' new jewelery collection revolves around' birds in flight'. His necklaces were gorgeous but a bit trop cher for my pocket. I think I will spend my money on the new Pilotto dress. Sorry Waris. Maybe next time...

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