Sunday, April 26, 2009

Departure on the Orient Express

My husband and I arrived at Gare l'Est for our departure on the Orient Express. When we checked in , we were then shuttled to  VIP cafe with coffee toned walls.  Here was the chance to check out the other voyagers.  I heard mostly English accents floating around the room plus a very rich and young  Russian couple who seemed to  both favor very colorful jeans. Over to my right was a very strange couple where the man looked like the pedophile from the movie, LITTLE CHILDREN.
We were then ushered to the train. The hostess took this opportunity to tell us the bad news.  The Austrian Tunnel will be closed due to renovation. This meant that instead of waking up the next morning to the breathtaking Austrian alps, we would be chugging along the foggy German suburbs! Just our luck!!! Boy, I would be really disappointed if we  had paid the 2,500 euros per person ticket to get a view of Germany's residential area! They said we would see some alps...but not the kind that conjures up images of Julie Andrew's running through the fields singing,THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I think I need a drink. ( PS. I tried to get the red eye out of my husband's eyes and somehow I erased his face...It was not done intentionally, sorry JP)

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