Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Terrible beauty, Austrian Alps

I forgot how it felt to be totally swept away by mother nature. I think the last time I felt  in awe with the outdoors was in the Provence hiking above the fog on the mountain in back of our house. Back in our cabin, it was late morning when I looked out the window and was struck by the beauty of a cloud high up in the sky...then I realized that it wasn't a cloud I was staring at but the tip of an alp!  I was speechless with it's monumental imposing beauty. This part of the trip only lasted 45 minutes but it was extremely breathtaking. It made me want to return and explore this part of the world.  The train stopped for 30 minutes in the old Olympic town of Innsbruck.  We were able to get out and stretch our legs on the platform.  When I returned to our cabin, the head waiter came by to give us our lunch ticket for 2pm. But before that, Mario came by with two cold glasses of champagne. Jp and I sipped out bubbly while taking in the outdoor paradise.

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