Monday, April 27, 2009

No tie, No entry!

Let the adventure begin! We were finally allowed to enter our cabin on the Orient Express.   There was already a bottle of champagne on ice when we entered our sleeping quarters. Perfect, since it was already 10:30 pm.  Our steward, Mario with amazing blue eyes, told us that he would set up the beds while we were dining.
It is written in the Orient Express Guest manual that one should dress in black tie to the dinner and lunch service. I think this rule was installed to weed out the tourists who favor sport wear and tongs for evening wear.  I decided to wear my all time favorite green Chloe dress (I wore it to the 2002 Cesar Awards) and Chanel two toned stacked pumps. My husband wore his Gucci suit, black silk tee with his medal of honor ribbon. As we were walking towards the dining car we were accosted by the manager of the train who said that my husband could not eat in the dining car since he was not wearing a tie.  It was ridiculous since  we got a view of what the other guests had on.  One woman looked like she was going to the beach. Her leopard skin dress was so short I could almost see her underwear!...Finally, after enough protest , they let us in the dining car. Later Mario, our steward, said that when Mr Armani dined on the train, he did not wear a tie!!
As I was eating,  the man who resembled the pedophile in LITTLE CHILDREN walked by.  He was dressed like the boy in the film, DEATH IN VENICE. The ambiance was very strange in a Fellini kind of way. I felt like I was on the Titanic and  now it was sinking!! After dinner, when we entered our cabin, the beds had been pulled down.  We both fell to sleep pretty fast but woke up freezing since Mario forgot to put the heater on!

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