Thursday, April 2, 2009


During the French Cesar Awards a few years ago, I sat next to Sofia Coppola. Her film was nominated for "Best Foreign Film' and my husband's film was nominated for 'Best Film, Best Director and  Best Cinematography'.  Sofia and I cracked up when Will Smith was awarded a 'Life Achievement Award' .  Will Smith???!  I mentioned to Sophia that I loved the French Vogue that she had recently contributated as 'Guest Editor'.  "Yeah, I got really into it", Sophia said.

So, it is no surprise to me that Sofia has ventured into shoe and purse design.  She seems to do all her artistic endeavors with sincerity and passion. I read on other fashion blogs critics of Miss Coppola's talent.  Yes, you may be born with a golden spoon in your mouth, but it matters what one does with such opportunity. So when Louis Vuitton called me the other day to say, 'the Sophia Coppola shoes have arrived' I hopped on the metro tout suite!  I bought the red suede wedged heels with gold pipping.  The sales women wooed when I walked around the shoe section..The first distinct detail that I noticed was that the heel was not super high.  Ahhhh, I can actually walk in them and be comfortable. I was told that I was the first customer to buy the Sophia shoes! During Fashion Week, I bumped into Sophia's good friend, Zoe Cassevetes. We talked about the Sophia shoe and Zoe said, " Aren't we sick of the transvestite shoes this past season? ' As for myself, I am waiting for warmer Parisian days to don my new red shoes.  My husband came home empty handed the night of the Cesar Wards. Sofia won Best Foreign Film  for LOST IN TRANSLATION.

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