Monday, March 1, 2010

Moving to the hood on Cocoa Island

Our travel agency, Atoll Paradise Travel Agency, did a great job securing our reservation at Cocoa Resort. It is high season so normally all the finer resorts are booked months in advance. The only hitch was that we would have to move rooms half way through our stay. So, we packed up after the second night to Dhoni Loft suite 826 which was one of the original bungalows on water. I asked the resort how they managed during the 2004 tsunami. They said they did not receive a lot of damage due to their reef. The coral reef is what protected most of the Maldivian Islands. It kills me to see places like Bali, destroy these natural protectors with dynamite. I snorkeled in the North Bali waters only to see grey coral that looked like a cemetery.

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