Sunday, October 4, 2009

Direction ALBA: Black Diamond and Barolo Wine Country

After a several days of idyllic existence at Casa Cambi, my husband and I head over to the land of delicious encounters: truffles and earthy Barolo wine. Unfortunately, we are out of the loop for white truffle season since the summer truffles are already long gone and the winter truffles are still hibernating somewhere near a friendly oak tree. We stop and rest our bags in Alba. Tonight is my birthday so we ask the concierge for a "special" restaurant. Since we have been in Italy, we have not had a bad meal. There is a speciality pasta the Piedmont region called, Tajarin. It is like fettuccine but half the width...They pair it the simplest tomato sauce that I have yet to duplicate to their perfection. I have become addicted to their Tajarin pasta. Is this a bad thing?

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