Thursday, October 22, 2009

MicMac mixes with Bordeaux Wine

What does Bordeaux wine have in common with the movie industry? 'Bon vivant' is what come to mind. Jean Pierre and I are invited to stay at the Lynch-Bages estate while promoting his latest film, Mic Mac. I do not follow Jp everywhere during promotion since it is completely exhausting, but being the wine lover that I am, I cannot deny the experience to learn more about my favorite vice.
I am more of a Cote du Rhone girl when it comes to my wine preference.I want a wine that does not punch me in the face with 'gobs of fruit' and high alcohol content.I want to taste the earth and be flown to another world. I am mystified by Burgundy wine and all its subtle terroir and family feuds. What do I know about Bordeaux wine? Not much but I am open to learn and explore this vast wine region that I refer to as Robert Parker/Michel Rolland territory.

When I first arrived in Paris in 1999, I favored Bordeaux wine since it was the closet thing to what I had already known and tasted in California( using Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot cepage) That all changed with my first glass of Volnay or Cote Rotie. When Jp and I were married in 2001, we shared a many bottles of our favorite Cote Rotie 1997. I fell in love with the mysterious tone of these wines that were not like anything I had ever tasted before..I caught whiffs of truffles, tobacco, and pepper in my glass...Fast forward to Pauillac, 2009.

Jean Pierre and I are invited to have lunch with Lynch- Bages owner and winemaker Jean Michel Cazes who treats us not only to his superb wine but to the haute cuisine of Thierry Marx( who has a canny resemblance to Bruce Willis!) Jean Michel is so gregarious and pure passionate fun when it comes to his wine and to films. He is a true bon vivant. Jean Pierre and I feel very much at ease in his universe. Salut Bordeaux!

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