Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vine, vino, vin.....

The first thing Mario does when guests arrive at Il Bosso delle Terracotte is pour them a glass of his home made wine. I found it to be very young and well, tart. Jp said it was too 'wild' for his taste. I tend to think things taste better when they are home made no matter how bad they may be. Maybe it has to do with the less added preservatives or sulfites. In any case, Mario gave me a tour of his wine cellar which was more of a room inside a storage space than a real chai. Mario is trying very hard to keep the winery financially afloat so that is how he came up with his 'Adopt-a -Vineyard' campaign. There was something so peaceful about the Il Bosso delle Terrecotte. It is a choice of lifestyle but to do it with such passion and organization really impressed me about Mario and Silvia.

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