Monday, September 14, 2009

Harrison and I

Back in 1995 around 9am, I was working at Paramount Studios on a Sydney Pollack film entitled, SABRINA. I loved my job as an assistant film editor and took it very seriously. I was in the editing room setting up the avid for the editor Fritz Steinkemp, when I heard a noise outside on the fire exit ladder. I opened the window and who do I see but Raider of the Lost Arch himself, Harrison Ford. He crawled in the window and asked me if Sydney had arrived yet. . Later that day, Sydney invited me to have a take out lunch in the editing room with Harrison Ford. Harrison took one look at my pet rabbit and asked me for some mustard! ( it was Saturday and I would bring my pet rabbit, Genet aka Bubba to work)

We talked about Melanie Griffith being with the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. Harrison said that Antonio became one of the Baldwin brothers when he married Melanie..

Harrison made me laugh. I really remember him and Sydney being 'bon vivants'. They liked to eat and drink French wine, enjoyed the company of women, and loved flying their planes through the night to Paris.

Recently, when I had dinner at the Deauville Film Festival with Harrison Ford, I shook his hand and asked him if he remembered our lunch together...At this point, he was a bit buzzed by the champagne and red wine and we talked tenderly about Sydney and out memories of SABRINA. Harrison still looked hot even though he was heavily watched by his girlfriend, actress Calista Flockhark. There is something about Harrison that is tender and funny. He is one of the cool ones.

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  1. I bumped into Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhark a few months ago in NYC. I approached him and asked if he was Harrison Ford. He smiled and replied, "I used to be", which I didn't quite understand what that meant.