Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Onward Soldiers!

Once we hit San Remo, the GPS told us to go north up towards the Italian alps. Our goal was to find Montevecchio. A small 15th century town that is still 'in it juice'. Like a medieval town, one cannot see it from the exterior since it is hidden behind it's own fortress. There was no way we could even drive our 4x4 vehicle through its narrow streets. So we called the Casa Cambi number and common to many European establishments, it was closed till 3:30. We went back to our car and lo and behold was an elegant woman asking for us by name. She was the owner of the B&B and wanted to escort our baggage to our rooms. We finally made it to the Casa Cambi. Instantly, we were under it's charming spell. I felt like I was being transported back to a time pre computers, pre mobile phones , and pre everything. Think old men hanging out in vacant storefronts playing their cards and drinking wine. Think small children playing together in the town square park where the parents looked on from the local cafe. I find the Italians so friendly compared to the French. Jp and I hung out by the back garden while unpacking our bags and letting the dog sniff the new surroundings. Pure heaven, indeed!

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  1. that is so true of all of italy. some places do have cars and computers though. lol