Sunday, September 13, 2009

Date with Harrison Ford

Last night was the Hommage a Harrison Ford night. The jury and collective partners all met for a cocktail with the actor and his actress squeeze Calista Flockhart. During the hommage there was a 8 minute montage of collective film extracts starring Harrison. He was summoned to the stage and....he started to cry. It was one of the most touching moments of a man who witnessed his cinematic life highlights in a mere eight minutes. Harrison was able to whisper 'merci' and then his eyes teared up again! Strange but so touching to see this very masculine and beautiful actor overwhelmed with emotion. Later, only Jean Pierre and I, plus a few selective members of the festival had dinner with Harrison and his Calista. During dinner he told me that he felt so fortunate to have worked with so many talented people during his forty years of being a actor. It must of also felt a bit like an obituary seeing a resume of all his films.

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