Friday, September 11, 2009

Deauville Film Menu

Oh, I almost forgot. We are in Deauville to watch as many American films as possible. This is Jp's job since he is the Jury president. What a chance to watch up to three films per day plus stuff as many fresh oysters in my mouth all while sipping cold champagne.

I know you are probably feeling for me right now..poor baby...but it is hard feat.. staying up past 1:30 am most nights, no yoga, no daily walks with my dog. My poor ass will get beaten when I get back Parisian yoga routine. But, hey, that's life. One must just enjoy it while one can.

We were all sent to the loony bin today after viewing the film PRECIOUS by Lee Daniels. This first film won The Sundance Film Festival's Grand Prize and is a bomb wrapped with a bow. I highly recommend that you catch it when you can.

We also loved WORLDS BEST DAD starring Robin Williams. And a fun light film entitled, YOUTH IN REVOLT by Miguel Areta

I was also blown away by another first film called SIN NOMBRE. I usually do not like violent films but I could not walk away from this one. Maybe get the DVD so you can fast forward those sections though they are important to feel the character's reality.

Last night we saw Rebecca Miller's THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE. I loved her film and the highly talented Robin Wright Penn did not disappoint. Rebecca seems to know the various chapters in a woman's life and is not afraid to show the humor and the solitude.

We are off to see another film.....

P.S. Peter Pilati dress and Stella Mc Cartney shoes

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