Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deauville Festival Time!

I am still in Paris in an apartment full of dresses and high heels....trying to figure out what exactly I want to bring to the Deauville Film Festival where my husband is presiding over the film jury.
I went over to my friend's atelier on Rue du Mail. Martine Sitbon has been my favorite designer since she created my wedding dress back in 2001. It was an empire dress with silk and tulle decorated with antique sepia jewels embroidered around the collar. The problem with borrowing clothes from designers is that one must be a models size 2 or 6. Now, this really sucks for me since for some reason ( damn that cotes du Rhone) my breasts have gone up a tiny half size. Well, this slight mark up has banished me from wearing some of the most fashion forward dresses of her selection. I still manage to walk out the door with a stunning charcoal wool bustier dress with an shimmery metal effect and a peachy nude over- the- knee number with white cotton detail on the front neckline.
Yesterday, I was over at Rue Cambon where Chanel had a handful of dresses for me. I asked them to pick from their Pre or Cruise Collections since the collection always tend to be easier to wear.
One never gets the best choice at Chanel if one is not a star...So I knew I was pushing my luck there since Jp directed their last commercial. No chance. Plus, my breasts seem to be the problem, again! The lovely Chanel soldier said, 'Karl, does not like breasts' Oh, please what's a a real woman to do???
Then by late this morning, while trying to decided which dresses to take , I let the Internet help me with my choice. Wrong. Kind of scary, n'est pas? Maybe it will be better when I arrive?

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