Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fashion Assistant for a Hour

When I walked into RUE DU MAIL's atelier yesterday I heard a familiar voice call out, 'Leeza, over here' I walked around the showroom to find Martine Sitbon, Marc Ascoli, and their assistants hovering around a few swatches of shimmery fabric. The very beginnings of what we all may be wearing next Fall. Martine insisted that I help them choose between four fabrics. I opted for the more futuristic colors with shimmery warm colors. These will be easy to mix and match with my urban black wardrobe. After I executed my new day job, I went around the corner to order a few pieces from the Fall Pre-collection. These days, I find the luxury fashion brands trying too hard. The pieces are too expensive and precious. If I see another young actress looking like a grandmother on the red carpet I am going to scream.The Pre-Collection is so much more affordable and easy to wear..Love that maille=knitwear. And the maille is what Martine Sitbon does really well.

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