Thursday, February 11, 2010

A SINGLE MAN Paris Premiere

We went to the A SINGLE MAN Paris premiere last night. I remember when Tom Ford quit YSL RIVE GAUCHE in 2004 'to pursue other artistic adventures'. Tom did a great job considering it was his first directorial debut. On the other hand, I felt that the film suffered a bit from not having a more experienced director. I really find it distracting to have music on every single frame of film, head to tail. A SINGLE MAN was more like a personal music video for two hours. Beautiful music....Not unpleasant to watch, only forgettable the next day which is a pity. Kind of like of a poor man's THE HOURS ( which lingered in my head for days) Still, I find it pretty amazing that anyone can shoot a film so poetic in 21 days. Sounds crazy, but maybe it is what the single man prefers.....or not.

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