Sunday, February 28, 2010

Suitcase essentials for a Maldives Getaway

Being in paradise means that one can get away with minimal make up. I try to bring just the bare essentials when it comes to packing. Make-up wise, I always bring one new lip color and that is it. Since my skin will be naturally glowing from the sun, I find that all I need is a lip color that is fresh and a wee bit dramatic. After doing my research in grey Paris, my favorite colors were either Lady Danger by MAC or Heatwave by Nars, a semi matte orange red lipstick also seen on the Spring 2010 Prada runway. I also brought a lip balm by MAC in sheer orange. And if I can find one, I bring the newest Eres bikini which this year happens to be in a gummy bear orange. I also went over to the Missoni to try on their bikinis but was too ashamed to show the results to the sales woman. I am a real woman with real curves so putting on a piece of tissue the size of a cocktail napkin over my behind did not empower my femininity. I always bring an Isabel Marant dress. I was in their store when the new spring dresses arrived and I bought two right on the spot. They are easy to wear and pack. Another basic piece is my sturdy straw hat and a colorful sarong that I can tie up a la Lanvin asymmetrical couture and I am ready for sunset cocktails. Got to go, the sun is just about to set....

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  1. "Bitches" is right!!!! I'm so envious! I can see you girls are having a good time=) LOVE the bikini.