Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are back in London to attend the BAFTA Nominee Cocktail Party. I love going to the English parties just to watch what the women are wearing..They kind of mix and match a la Posh Spice meets Dynasty clan. I took out my camera to take photos of these beauties when a man politely asked me to put my camera away. That is when I saw PRECIOUS director, Lee Daniels walking our way. We spoke for a good 15 minutes. JP was director of the DEAUVILLE FILM FESTIVAL when we first saw PRECIOUS. I was blown away by his film but also a bit pissed off with some of the frame per frame rip off LEE borrowed from JP. All was forgiven when we spoke to Lee. He is the sweetest and most talented man. So go ahead, take what you want, Lee. It is OK with me.....PRECIOUS is my vote for BEST FILM for the OCSCARS!

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