Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pre Ordering the Pre Collection......

As I entered into RUE DU MAIL's showroom, it was bustling with buyers ordering the Pre-Collection for their stores. Maria Luisa was there ordering for her Parisian boutique named after her. She had her team of buyers hovering over the pieces trying to decide what combination of pieces they should offer their customers. They took advantage of the in-house mannequin with legs up to the sky, to see how the clothes draped on real flesh and bones. At this point in my life, I know what cuts look good on my body. Right away, I knew that these timeless pieces were going to be hanging in my closet this Fall. The prices were right and the fabrics were all heavenly draped and easy to wear. I applaud Martine for using fake fur instead of the real stuff. I do not get the point in wearing a dead carcass posing as a fashion statement. Maybe we should take up the old Mayan way of stripping off human skin, drying it out, then patching it together a la SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. That is so Fall 2010!